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Specialty Program

Balance In Life

Peace of Mind Program


Balanced Approach to Decreasing Falls with our Balance in Life (BIL) program.
Our clinicians use a unique 4-step approach and balance testing sheet to track positive outcomes for the patient’s physicians and families to view. This unique program not only includes a multi-disciplinary approach to help patients feel whole again, but we use the art of caring to help patients smile again. Our Balance in Life program helps identify patients with balance issues, as well as positional vertigo, and identifies those with weakened balance systems. Using our comprehensive approach, we can identify which system of balance that needs to be targeted to improve and educate the patient and patient’s family on key components.

Balanced Pre and Post Amputee program.
We offer this unique program to assist patients with the difficulties of the loss of a limb or limbs. We offer prosthetic training and limb management services.

Balanced Orthopedic Program.
We offer this unique program to assist patients in pre and post-surgery conditions. We have programs geared towards spinal surgery, joint replacements, and post-operative programs for various fractures. Our unique orthopedic rehabilitation program in the home gives patients the peace of mind they deserve. We break down educational and key components into a 4-step process that is easy for patients and patient’s families to understand. We also closely monitor patient outcomes and report it to the patient’s physicians allowing all healthcare providers to work together to ensure positive outcomes.

Balanced Approach to Heart Health and Rehabilitation.
We offer this unique program to CHF and post-cardiac surgery patients using our 3-step training guide and exclusive monitoring smart care technologies.


  • Balanced Approach to managing COPD with therapy modalities as well as nursing care.
  • Balanced Approach to managing type 1 and type 2 diabetes with in-home therapy modalities and nursing care.
  • Balanced Approach to managing the memory care patient with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in the home setting.
  • We truly hope to offer cutting-edge clinical programs that allow our exceptional clinicians to utilize their skills in a streamlined process to make the most impact with patients. We also hope our programs give referring physicians and referral sources peace of mind that they are referring patients to top-notch care.