The Importance of Collaboration Between Hospitals and Home Health Agencies

The collaboration between hospitals and home health agencies for post-acute care can lead to reduced hospital costs, better patient care, and better medical outcomes since hospitals are penalized for readmissions.

Hospitals incur high costs due to readmissions, and one effective solution is to offer expert post-acute care at the patient’s home. According to Medicare trial initiatives, home healthcare initiatives have successfully decreased readmissions by 31 percent and overall expenses by 24 percent. However, the allocation for home health services has declined from 10 percent to only 3 percent of the country’s Medicare budget. Additionally, several states have reduced their Medicaid reimbursements for home health services.

According to research, increasing federal funding for home health can save $100 billion for the Medicare system in the span of 10 years.

What is the impact of home health care on reducing readmissions?

According to surveys, patients and their family members prefer for their loved ones to receive treatment, recuperate, and reside in their own homes. This leads to increased satisfaction among patients, which in turn has a positive impact on their overall health. When patients are able to eat their own food, sleep in their own beds, and engage in their own care decisions, their health outcomes tend to be better.

Undoubtedly, home health care is the most valuable component of the healthcare delivery system, especially when it comes to post-acute care. The ability to reduce rehospitalizations through this specialized form of care has a significant impact, as it has been proven to be of high quality. This is crucial because the growing number of repeat hospitalizations is a major cause of financial instability and unnecessary costs for the healthcare system.

What types of services are offered by home health agencies?

High-quality home health care is a customized approach to healthcare, as it prioritizes the involvement of patients in their care decisions and involves a dedicated home health team. Our intermittent care license enables us to offer a range of skilled professionals, including nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists, who can fulfill all the necessary functions within the comfort of the patient’s own home.

Moreover, we ensure that our healthcare staff have extensive experience in providing home care in order to be the strongest advocates for our patients. They have the capacity to effectively communicate with family members, other caregivers, and the patients themselves regarding routine care, including scheduling appointments with primary care physicians when necessary. Additionally, we utilize technology to constantly monitor the activities within the home round the clock.

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