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Whether you’re looking for answers for an older parent, spouse, relative, or yourself, sometimes the daily care needs are more than friends or family caregivers can manage. Equilibrio Home Care services could be the lifeline you need.

From the moment we receive a referral from our preferred sources or hospitals or rehab facilities, we make sure that we have all the information in place, such as face-to-face visit notes from doctors and the comprehensive history of the possible patient to provide them with the best-skilled care in the home with, PT, OT, Skilled nursing services along with speech therapy if needed or even skilled home health aide assistance for improvement with ADLs and bathing while they’re receiving skilled services and Rehab in the home.

Suppose there are challenges when the patient gets home with caregiving. In that case, we are partnered with several personal care companies that can be able to help our patients immediately, and our skilled therapy team and nursing team are trained to properly train any personal care aids or other caregivers in the home to help decrease the patient’s risk for hospitalization. 

We offer medical social work services to help patients plan for a change in insurance, add additional insurance, look into state—or city-funded housing, and any social service needs for the patient and family we’re helping.


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Our company is always not only bringing the best skilled Home Health Care physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists along with skilled nurses, but we are backed by the best technology second to none as far as the equipment we use in the home and modalities that we can provide in the skilled home health setting which includes but are not limited to ultrasound, electrical stimulation, Bemer ( bioelectric energy magnetic energy regulation devices to improve microcapillary circulation when needed), pedal pulse ID devices to help positions with identifying poor circulation areas, along with proper assistive devices to help patients with their safety in the home setting and training with using these. 

We know you’re looking for practical solutions for care and support in your home where you or your loved one can maintain a greater sense of independence. You need a helping hand.

With personalized care customized to meet your unique needs, we can help you or your loved one develop a greater level of personal autonomy and a sense of self. You don’t have to do this alone, and you don’t have to carry on feeling burnt out and overwhelmed.

You can enjoy your family and let us manage the rest.

What is Home Care?

At Equilibrio, our beneficial home care services provide more support than simply meeting physical needs. We offer compassionate engagement and support for clients struggling with maintaining everyday routines, disabilities, or injuries but who don’t need full-time hospital or facility care.

Experienced and skillful home health aides help identify and address concerns and create an improved quality of life. Whether you or your loved one needs transfer assistance, meal planning help, or personal hygiene support, our home care services help our clients maintain their independence and personal autonomy with a safety net of skilled care providers.

What is the Difference Between Home Care and Home Health Care?

You may see mentions of Home Health Care and Home Care as you research. What is the difference? They both involve services that occur in the comfort of your home. “Home Health” care is typically driven by a Skilled Nursing need and covered by Medicare or another Insurance; however, it may also be private pay. It may be ordered by your Physician. It is “episodic,” meaning temporary, and requires an RN, Therapist, or other Licensed Professional to provide the service.

Home Care is more holistic; it encompasses everything that keeps clients independent, such as Companionship, help with meals, transportation, medication reminders, and any assistance with activities of daily living.

Who Needs Home Care Or Personal Assistance?

Any adult who cannot safely maintain their daily routines and hygiene without the support of another. Or someone who has just undergone an operation and needs temporary respite care.

The Administration For Community Living reports that 70% of adults over 65 will need long-term care services, and 20% will need care for over five years.

The CDC conducted a study on home care patients and found that 44% of clients needed help with at least one daily activity, and 83% needed personal hygiene help.

The number of American older adults needing home care is projected to grow by 75% to approximately 2.3 million by 2030.


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