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Do I qualify for home health care services?

Most insurances define a person as homebound when that person requires a severe and/or taxing effort to leave home.  Please contact us at (757) 965-9942 to determine your homebound status.

Do I need home health care?

You may need home health if you are homebound and are experiencing any of the following situations.

  • Require complex home treatments like wound care, enteral feedings, IV infusions, etc.
  • There is a need for nursing, home health/personal care/certified nursing assistant, social services, or rehabilitation by a physical, occupational, or speech therapist.
  • You have difficulty following your physician’s recommended treatment at home.
  • You have a need for further instruction on medications, treatments, diet, etc.
  • You have a history of multiple hospital admissions and /or have an unstable medical history.
  • You have been “readmitted” for a diagnosis treated by hospitalization in the previous three months.
  • You were getting along “ok” before you went to the hospital but now are significantly less independent.
  • You have a potentially life threatening, severely incapacitating, or terminal diagnosis.
  • You have received a variety of skilled nursing and ancillary services up to the date of hospital discharge.
  • You have new or adjusted medications.
  • You have experienced a recent decline in functional status.
  • You require medical evaluation and observation.
  • You have unstable medical problems such as blood pressure, blood sugars, pain control, etc.
  • You are returning home from a stay at a rehab, skilled nursing facility, or assisted living facility and need continued care.
  • You are a resident at an assisted living, retirement, or continuing care facility and have skilled care needs.
  • You have frequent Falls or Loss of balance affecting safety at Home and increased dizziness for unknown reasons, our home health therapists are Balance and vestibular certified to diagnose the problem in agreement with their primary Dr. and provide treatments in the home that can greatly decrease falls or eliminate the risk with decreasing dizziness.

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